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Find a bright ideal to suit your taste with our great selection of suspension wall, floor and table lights.

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New Design 2020

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Revolutionizing Your Home Décor

Gone are the days when your lights had to be fixed on walls or placed on tables.

With the New Era, there comes a new lighting technology that is sure to make your home décor stand out from the crowd.

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Levitate Your Troubles Away

As they levitate above the ground, you can feel like a bird soaring.

 The light of this lamp is captivating and relaxing at once; it's enough to make anyone forget their troubles.

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Globally Guaranteed

We are a company that
believes in the power of light and how it can change our world. We deliver class-leading products to all corners, with
one goal: share hope everywhere we go!

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Creativity at Its Finest

As creative designers, we have always been inspired by the latest innovations in lighting.
Working with expert physicists to bring those ideas into reality has allowed us a new way of showing off our skills and inspiring future projects!

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Our lovely reviews

Received our product today and totally impressed with these for the price. Perfect size for our night table and charging station is an awesome feature. The lamp is super elegant and easy to use. Easy levitation with bulbs, the magnetic levitation is quite strong and it stays on all day. I'm actually ordering two more for our office desk and hallway table.

John Randy

Love this floating device! Nice dim light for the bedroom. Took me a bit to figure out how to levitate it at first, but I got it!! Love being able to charge cell phones over night!

Alice Parker

This is definitely a high end quality product. Its definitely well built and sturdy. Never expected a floating lamp can do that much. At first I saw it more as a decorative piece, but I'm enjoying its features a lot, especially the wireless charging aspect of it.

Steve Williams